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Most Frequently Asked Questions
I have a CZ 75 clone not made by CZ. Will your parts work for these models?
While some parts may drop in, others will have completely different dimensions depending on manufacturer. Therefore we cannot advise on replacement parts for any guns we have not made.
Why is my item on backorder and will I be charged shipping twice?
If an item you ordered runs out of stock before we are able to process it in the warehouse, the item will be automatically put on backorder. If this is a partial shipment where some of the order ships and some gets put on backorder, you will only be charged shipping once. We also only charge for an item when it ships.
There is no invoice in my box
The invoices for our orders are found on the back of your Fed Ex shipping label.
I only received part of my order
If you are missing an item from your order in the package, please check the invoice printed on the back of your shipping label. If the missing item isn’t on there, it means it ran out of stock before the order could be completed and is on backorder. If an item that isn’t in your box is marked as shipped on the invoice, please call Customer Service at extension 4701 and we will help get that fixed.
I appear to have been charged twice for my order
After you place an order with us, the total that appears on your order confirmation will show on your bank statement the same day. Please note that is only a preauthorization charge. When your order ships, you will be charged the final amount that will actually withdraw from your account and the original preauthorization will drop off. Please also note these charges may overlap for a short period of time. If your order is able to be shipped completely, you will see a slight increase in price on your final charge with is the final tax being applied. If your second charge is a lower amount, it means that something on your order ran out of stock before the order could be completed by the warehouse.
What is Route?
Route is a shipping protection service we offer that covers you in the event of a lost, damaged, or stolen package after it leaves our doors. Route is typically .98 cents on most orders but can increase in relation to a higher order total. Route is automatically applied to orders and must be unselected by the customer if they are wanting to opt out. For orders placed over the phone, a Customer Service rep will ask if the customer would like Route on their order or not.
What do the notches on my choke tubes mean?
Our choke tubes are marked on the muzzle end with a series of notches. The more notches, the bigger the inner diameter of the choke and the less constriction it puts on the shot. 1 notch is Full, 2 is Improved Modified, 3 is Modified, 4 is Improved Cylinder and 5 is Cylinder.
Can I use +P ammunition in my CZ pistol? +P+?
Yes, but only use it sparingly as it will wear the barrel and internal parts out much quicker. The only ammo we don’t warranty are +P+ (since they have no spec to be held to) and handloads (since human error can be a factor).
How do I know which sights to order for my gun?
75/85/SP-01/97B/P-01/P-06/PCR/83 For the 75/85 models, SP-01 models, 97 models, P-01, P-06 and PCR and 83 you must remove the REAR sight and identify the number stamped on the bottom of it. Choose a higher numbered rear sight to raise the point of impact and a lower numbered sight to lower the point of impact. RAMI/P-07/40B/40P For Rami models, P-07 Duty models, 40 B and 40 P, you will need to remove the FRONT sight and identify the number stamped on the bottom of it. Choose a lower numbered front sight to raise the point of impact and a higher numbered sight to lower the point of impact. 75 TACTICAL SPORT MODELS All Tactical Sport models have the same front and rear sights, however there is an adjustable rear sight option available. KADET/KADET ADAPTER The Kadet and Kadet adapter front sights are not numbered, so you will have to measure your FRONT sight to determine if you need a taller or shorter sight. RIMFIRE RIFLES For rimfire rifles, there are no options for different sight heights. The front sights are all the same height and the rear sights are adjustable. CENTERFIRE For centerfire rifles you will need to remove the FRONT sight and identify the number stamped on the bottom of it. To raise the point of impact, choose a lower numbered front sight. To lower the point of impact, choose a higher numbered front sight. They are numbered 1 through 14. If you have a 6 or a 9, a period will appear after the number. The 550 Battue has its own front sight. 527 CARBINE AND FULL STOCK The 527 carbine and full stock models have three different rear sight heights and they are numbered 1 through 3. Once again, you will need to remove the REAR sight to identify the number stamped on the bottom of it. STANDARD 550 MODELS REAR SIGHT The standard 550 models with iron sights all carry the same adjustable rear sight with the exception of the 550 Battue. 550 MAGNUM REAR SIGHTS The 550 Magnum and Safari rifles have a three leaf adjustable rear sight. There are three different height options: low, medium and high.
Does CZ-USA ship outside of the USA?
CZ-USA cannot ship any packages outside of the continental US, Hawaii and Alaska.
I have an older CZ model that is no longer made or in the current catalog. Do do you have parts for these models?
While we try to keep parts on hand for 5 years after a model is discontinued, our factory does not keep all parts for discontinued models in constant production. Guns made before CZ-USA’s founding in 1997 or models that do not show a CZ USA import mark we cannot guarantee any parts or support for.
How do I know what my shipping cost will be?
Upon entering your shipping info and BEFORE you checkout, you will land on the shipping cost page, which will give you several prices depending on the service you choose. At this point you may either continue on with billing or empty your cart.
What rings do I need for my rifle?
452/455/457/512: All rimfire rifles have 11mm dovetails with the exception of early 452 rifles that had 3/8 dovetails. The foolproof way of determining on a 452 to tell is to take a measurement. 3/8" dovetails will measure 0.5"/12.7mm at the top/widest part of the dovetail. 11mm dovetails will measure 0.433"/11mm at the top/widest part. 527: All 527 models have 16mm dovetails. 550/557: All 550/557 models have 19mm dovetails.
The item I would like to purchase is out of stock. What are my options?
Click the "email when in stock" button on the product page and we'll send you an email when the item is once again available on the webstore.
How long will it take to process my order?
In general it takes 2-3 business days to process and ship your order. Delays, however, do occur occasionally.
I placed an order, but did not receive an order confirmation via email.
In the event you don't get an order confirmation please email us at webstore@cz-usa.com.
I'm not sure if I live in a state that restricts magazine capacity. What is the maximum magazine capacity I can purchase?

CZ-USA will not provide legal advice to customers. You, as the purchaser, are responsible for complying with all applicable federal, state, and local statutes and ordinances. CZ-USA will not ship magazines to the following locations in excess of the listed capacity limits. If you try and add a restricted item to your order, the order will be deleted and you will not be contacted. We take these matters very seriously. Thank you for understanding. (CURRENT AS OF 5/01/18)

  • California- 10 round max capacity 
  • Connecticut- As of 4/1/2014 we are able to sell any magazine directly to Connecticut residents. Please see our dealer locator at www.cz-usa.com/dealersto purchase magazines in your state. 
  • Colorado- 15 round max capacity 
  • Hawaii- 10 round max capacity 
  • Illinois: 
  • Aurora- 15 round max capacity 
  • Buffalo Grove- 10 round max capacity 
  • Chicago- 12 round max capacity 
  • Cicero- 15 round max capacity 
  • Cook County- 10 round max capacity
  • Dolton- 10 round max capacity
  • Evanston- 15 round max capacity 
  • Franklin Park- 16 round max capacity 
  • Hazel Crest- 10 round max capacity 
  • Highland Park- 10 round max capacity 
  • Homewood- 15 round max capacity 
  • Melrose Park- 10 round max capacity 
  • North Chicago- 16 round max capacity 
  • Oak Park- 10 round max capacity 
  • Skokie- 15 round max capacity 
  • Massachusetts- 10 round max capacity 
  • Maryland- 10 round max capacity 
  • New Jersey- 10 round max capacity
  • New York- 10 round max capacity 
  • Washington DC- 10 round max capacity
Does CZ-USA charge sales tax?
As of 7/1/17 CZ-USA must collect sales tax in the following states: Alabama Arkansas Arizona California Colorado Connecticut Florida Georgia Iowa Idaho Illinois Indiana Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Massachusetts Maryland Michigan Minnesota Missouri Mississippi North Carolina Nebraska New Jersey New Mexico New York Nevada Ohio Oklahoma Pennsylvania South Carolina Tennessee Texas Utah Virginia Wisconsin